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“I wanted to write you a personal thank you for your efforts in making the recent Millennial Generation conference here at McGraw-Hill such a success. The audience appreciated both the data driven approach you brought to the subject and the levity and positive viewpoint you provided with the pros and cons on this rising group of talent. We have received extensive feedback on the conference and your presentation was especially well received. Your lively speaking style blends humor and researched conclusions well – it enabled our audience to remember several of your key points. Your message was on target and extremely well received by our senior executives. Many of them gave feedback saying that they were taking this topic much more seriously and urgently after your presentation.”
— Jenna Hutchins, the McGraw Hill Companies

“It was a delight to host you on our campus. Your presentation recieved rave reviews, as expected, and has already prompted conversations. Thank you.”
— Kenneth A. Zick, Vice-President and Dean, Student Affairs, Wake Forest University

“Just had a chance to read the post-program assessments and wanted to let you know how much our members enjoyed your program. As I am sure you could gauge from the number of questions your presentation prompted, your content really hit our members’ interests on both personal and professional levels! It was a pleasure to have you share your research and thoughts on the issues related to Gen Me”
— Marcie Schorr Hirsch, Hirsch/Hills associates management consulting

“The feedback from your talk last week has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you so very much for making the effort to travel here and visit about the Millennials!”
— Ivan Lorentzen, Flathead Valley Community College

“Thank you for coming to Glendale Community College to present on Generation Me. I cannot tell you how deeply you have touched our campus. Colleagues walk up to me to tell me they they bought your book or wanted to see the DVD of the talk. Others have shared classroom experiences or discussions with colleagues on how to most effectively respond to contemporary students. Every time I had the DVD ready to mail someone would approach me to borrow it. I finally ordered additional copies.”
— Peggy Renner, Professor and Chair, History Department, Glendale Community College

“Thank you for presenting to the Student Affairs staff at UC San Diego. Your presentation on Generation Me was both informative and engaging. I appreciate how you tailored the presentation to the needs of the staff and provided helpful information for staff who advise students, supervise student employees, and market services to students. I was pleasantly surprised that staff fielded questions to you for well over an hour after the presentation. That is a clear indication of the level of interest the presentation stimulated. Staff members continued to discuss the presentation with their colleagues well after they returned to their office. For many staff members the material was applicable both to their work responsibilities and their lives outside of work.”
— Gary Ratcliff, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life, University of California San Diego

“Thank you so much for presenting at the NACAS Central conference in Milwaukee. You were a big hit! Many people told me how much they enjoyed your presentation – “It was thought-provoking”, “I can’t wait to read her book”, “We need to bring her to our national conference”, etc.”
— Jean Kwaterski, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

“Thanks again for being with us yesterday. I have heard very favorable responses, and the evaluations look stellar. Someone even suggested having you come back again after your next book is published! Hope you enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed having you. Again, Jean, thanks for helping us get the academic year off to a great start..”
— Barbara Duncanson, Executive Director of Administration, Ivy Tech Community College, South Bend, Indiana

“Although I knew the current high school/college generation was very different from my own, I was not able to specifically articulate why. Now I know a fascinating wealth of research that describes this phenomenon … It really gave me a deeper understanding of students today (and my own children) … WOW — I love how the data validates some of what we already knew. I am definitely changing what I say to my sons.”
— Attendee at the Wayne/Finger Lakes, New York BOCES seminar for public school teachers and administrators

“It was a pleasure to have you present at our annual event. Your sessions were received with the highest ratings of any plenary ever. All the best from your friends up in Calgary.”
— Dr. Doug Myhre, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary; Organizer, Cabin Fever Conference for Family Medicine Faculty

“Many thanks from the Fraternity Executives Association for your contribution to our programming at the annual meeting in Chicago. We very much appreciated your interesting and thought-provoking lecture on Generation Me, narcissism, and how Boomers like me can become better equipped to manage a staff that includes Millennials and GenX’ers. It was a very fast-moving 90 minutes and your research on behaviors, most notably volunteering, was particularly enlightening. I believe the audience, which included people from the headquarters staffs of some 70+ fraternities and sororities, came away much better equipped to understand the generational differences at the staff level but also in the wide array of stakeholders we must reach within our alumni ranks and other constituencies.”
— Jim Russell, Executive Vice President, Delta Tau Delta

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of the College Reading and Learning Association, please allow me to thank you for the most interesting keynote address you delivered at the 44th Annual Conference of the College Reading and Learning Association in San Diego. Individuals who attended the On to Houston Brunch have told me or e-mailed me that they learned much from your presentation and that your recommendations for working with our students are most useful. The bottom line is that you delivered a bang-up speech, and we appreciate your being part of our conference.”
— Norman A. Stahl, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Literacy Education, Northern Illinois University; President, College Reading and Learning Association

“Jean, when I left a week ago, people at Luther and in Decorah were still talking about your lectures. Everyone found them so engaging and provocative. Thank you for coming here. We were blessed.”
— Greg Jesson, Director of the Center for Ethics and Public Life, Luther College