Social Psychology introduces students to the science of us: our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a changing world. Students learn to think critically about everyday behaviors and gain an appreciation for the world around us, regardless of background or major. In this edition, esteemed author David Myers is again joined by respected psychology professor and generational differences researcher Jean Twenge, in presenting an integrated learning program designed for today’s students.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Introducing Social Psychology
  • Chapter 2: The Self in a Social World
  • Chapter 3: Social Beliefs and Judgments
  • Chapter 4: Behavior and Attitudes
  • Chapter 5: Genes, Culture, and Gender
  • Chapter 6: Conformity and Obedience
  • Chapter 7: Persuasion
  • Chapter 8: Group Influence
  • Chapter 9: Prejudice: Disliking Others
  • Chapter 10: Aggression: Hurting Others
  • Chapter 11: Attraction and intimacy: Liking and Loving Others
  • Chapter 12: Helping
  • Chapter 13: Conflict and Peacemaking
  • Chapter 14: Social Psychology in the Clinic
  • Chapter 15: Social Psychology in Court
  • Chapter 16: Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future