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Dr. Twenge has been featured or quoted in many major media, including:

  • Time
  • USA Today
  • New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • Today
  • Good Morning America
  • CBS This Morning
  • Associated Press
  • Good Morning America
  • Dateline
  • National Public Radio’s All Things Considered


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Select Media Appearances

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The New York Times on the iGen shift on college campuses

The Washington Post on iGen taking longer to grow up

Time on teens, smartphones, and depression

NPR on the rise of depression and suicidal thoughts among teens and young adults

The Washington Post on the rise of mental health issues among the young

USA Today on the decline in face-to-face social interaction and the increase in loneliness among teens

NPR on links between digital media use and depression among teens

The Washington Post on the decline of reading among teens

LA Times on the decline in happiness among teens and links to digital media use

The Atlantic on the decline in sex (the “sex recession”)

NPR’s IA on The Smartphone Generation: Less Sex, Fewer Drinks, More Depression

CBS This Morning on iGen

PC Magazine’s Fast Forward on iGen

Iowa Public Radio’s Talk of Iowa on iGen and depression

PBS News Hour on smartphones & teens

NPR’s All Things Considered on smartphones & teens

CBS Evening News on teen suicide

CBSN on iGen and how they are different

KARE 11 Minneapolis in-depth on iGen

WGN Chicago radio on iGen & smartphones

NY Mag’s The Cut on older vs. younger Millennials

San Diego Union Tribune 2015 profile

Washington Post on the decline in sexual frequency among adults

Fox Business on Millennials in the workplace

Huffington Post on the decline in religion due to generation and not age

Time on Millennials’ support for working mothers

Time magazine on Millennials as the Me Me Me generation

Associated Press on less happiness for mature adults

Washington Post on Millennials having less sex

NY Mag’s The Cut on fewer Millennials having sex

The Associated Press on declines in trust and confidence in institutions

USA Today on increases in individualistic language in books

The Globe and Mail on trends in materialism vs. work ethic