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Dr. Twenge’s talks draw on the latest data on the traits, behaviors, and work attitudes of Boomers, GenX’ers, Millennials, and iGen, based on a dataset of 11 million people, and spiced with plenty of pop culture and humor.

Dr. Jean Twenge speakingTalks are customized for each audience. Below is a brief overview of topics often covered for different audiences.

Companies, non-profits, and law firms want to know how to recruit, retain, and manage Millennials and iGen and learn strategies for how the generations can work together. Talks feature both data on generational differences and strategies managers can put in place immediately to more effectively work with Millennials and iGen. Previous clients include Thompson & Coburn, McGraw-Hill, Bain Consulting, Coril Holdings, the U.S. Navy, the Mayo Clinic Hospital – Phoenix, The Upper Deck company, The Human Resource Leadership Forum, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Colleges and universities want to how the young generation differs from their predecessors – and how to teach them, mentor them, and help them grow into well-rounded adults. These talks can address faculty development, student life staff development, or both. Previous clients include Boston College, the University of Illinois, Bradley University, the University of Northern Arizona, Mountain View College, Baylor University, Texas A & M University, Wake Forest University, the Family Medicine Department at the University of Calgary, and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA).

Parents and groups working with youth want to understand the influences shaping iGen – and how they can harness the positive trends while mitigating the negative ones. Previous clients include the Burbank School District, the Young Marines, and Growing Leaders.

Students want to understand how the huge technological shift of smartphones have affected their mental health and happiness, and can learn about psychology research in the process. Previous clients include the students of Dartmouth College, Hartnell College, the College of St. Rose, Florida Atlantic University, Flathead Valley Community College, and Luther College.

Client Testimonials

To hire Dr. Twenge for your next event, please contact her directly at jeantwenge@gmail.com.


Dr. Twenge regularly consults with market research and strategy firms about how to reach Millennial and iGen customers. Services range from hour-long conversations about specific industries or products to in-depth analyses of survey data. Past clients have included the Insight Strategy Group, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, Black Bamboo, Guidepoint Global, and Consumer Eyes.

Since 2012, Dr. Twenge has regularly consulted with Waggle Dance Marketing Research on projects including social listening (language analysis of social media mentions of brands), analyses of reviews of products, and in-depth surveys of consumer behaviors. For example, she collaborated with Mark Seifert to produce a white paper on Millennials and snacking behaviors.

To hire Dr. Twenge for consulting, please contact her directly at jeantwenge@gmail.com.